Flying Magazine's "51 Heroes of Aviation" — Why 51?

Our salute to the 50 most inspirational figures in aviation history, plus one.

Heroes eNews Beech

Heroes eNews Beech

Soon we launch Flying Magazine's "51 Heroes of Aviation," a salute to the greatest, most inspirational and impactful figures in aviation history. "51 Heroes" is the follow on to last year's hugely popular "Top 100 Airplanes" and this year's "Top 50 Navigation Innovations"** **— in "Heroes" we recognize not the greatest pilots of all time but those people who made a big difference in aviation in some other way.

While most of these figures are pilots, their chief contribution to aviation came from some other area. Some made their name by providing inspiration, others by inventing something that changed the face of flying, and still others launched us on a whole new path in human history, we kid you not. So, why did we choose 51 instead of the much rounder number that is one fewer?

Check out 51 Heroes of Aviation and the answer, if you haven't guessed it already, will be immediately clear! To view Flying Magazine's 51 Heroes of Aviation click here.

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