Fantasy of Flight Closes Shop

The Weeks' collection will remain, but the museum mission ends.

Fantasy of Flight Aerial Biplanes

Fantasy of Flight Aerial Biplanes

After 18 years in business, one of the world’s coolest aviation attractions, Kermit Weeks’ Fantasy of Flight, will close as a public attraction as of April 6, according to an announcement released by the organization today. Located just off of I-4 less than half an hour southwest of Orlando, Fantasy of Flight offers a world-class aviation experience, with dozens of military and civilian airplanes in its collection.

Despite the strong offering, Weeks said it was a lack of business that sealed Fantasy of Flight’s fate. “Although we are located just 20 minutes west of Walt Disney World,” he told employees, “we’re currently outside the center of mass tourism and not perceived of as a destination.” Weeks stressed that Fantasy of Flight would live on, as a restoration center and as a venue for private events.

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