Cop Tickets Illegally Parked Blackhawk

Colorado Sheriff's Officer has fun with National Guard unit.

Blackhawk Ticket Reddit

Blackhawk Ticket Reddit

via Reddit

A Colorado sheriff's officer recently ticketed a Blackhawk helicopter blocking one lane of a deserted road after the pilot landed in support of National Guard troops called in to rescue victims stranded by flooding.

The Boulder Sheriff's officer wrote the $150 ticket for the dubious offenses of "Parking in no parking zone" and "Parked facing the wrong way." The giveaway that it was all a joke was that the officer left certain sections blank, including a court date, and wrote the name of the defendant simply as "U.S. Army." The episode was first reported on

The unidentified officer finished writing the ticket, stuck it under the Blackhawk's windshield wiper and went on his way. Of course, the joke's on him since everybody knows the Army doesn't have any money.

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