'Air Fare America' Reality Show Launches Production

Eager pilots help get program off the ground.

Air Fare America Logo

Air Fare America Logo

The creators of "Air Fare America," a new aviation-themed reality TV show being pitched to cable networks, said they have secured the initial investment money needed to launch production, meaning the pilot episode could begin shooting this fall.

The producers of the show pointed to their participation at Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, this past spring for raising awareness about the reality show, which led directly to investment from a Hollywood entrepreneur and GA pilot.

Evan Green, who owns film and TV lighting company Paskal Lighting, said he became aware of "Air Fare America" after reading about the show in Flying's eNews the week of Sun n' Fun. After meeting with the production team, Green said he became convinced that the show offered a winning formula for making flying fun again.

"This is exactly the sort of program that can rekindle excitement for general aviation among the public," said Green, who besides flying single-engine airplanes is also a powered-parachute enthusiast and instructor.

The show will follow a pilot, a picker and a chef as they travel around the country to visit small airports, search for aviation relics inside the hangars and sample the fare at airport restaurants.

Andrea Vernot, one of the shows creators and producers, said investment money from Green and two other GA pilots will allow "Air Fare America" to start a nationwide talent search for the stars of the show ahead of production of the pilot episode.

"Our program concept combines three of television's most successful genres — food, travel and ‘picking' — in an entertaining format that reveals the fly-in destinations that pilots have known and frequented for years, but that are relatively unknown by the general public," she said.

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