Flexjet to Hire 20 New Pilots by Year End

Growth-driven expansion cited.

Flexjet Challenger 300

Flexjet Challenger 300

** Flexjet**

“We are thrilled to be expanding our dedicated pilot team during this exciting growth period,” said Flexjet vice president of operations Jason Weiss, “and anticipate hiring in the double digits in 2013 and beyond.” With fractional and jet card sales almost doubling from January 2012 through January 2013, the Bombardier subsidiary is bullish on its immediate future.

Flexjet says pilot candidates should have a minimum of 2,500 hours, including 500 turbine and 500 multiengine hours logged. They should also have an Airline Transport Pilot rating and a first class medical certificate. Applicants can apply at flexjet.com/company/careers.

Weiss said successful candidates can expect a “comprehensive” one-month training program that will include not only pilot-related training but also customer-service skills. Based in Richardson, Texas, Flexjet provides fractional aircraft ownership of Bombardier business aircraft as well as jet card options.

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