Some Follow-up on Flying and Dehydration…

You make the call.

I received the following letter after the Flying Tip of the Week that addressed dehydration was published two weeks ago:

"Plain water can actually exacerbate the reduction of brain function no matter how much water a pilot drinks. This is the fallacy of rehydration. Electrolytes (not just sodium and potassium replacements in sports drinks) are needed for brain function and most bottled water has been filtered with many of them removed. Therefore your brain's battery will be short circuited and the proper neuro pathways will be interrupted making pilot error a real issue. Adding a proper multi-mineral ionic electrolyte supplement to your water, such as electroBlast concentrate, is the key and I know that this is being used by many pilots and flight departments to offset fatigue and poor concentration."-Nina Anderson, ATP SAFE

Full disclosure: Nina Anderson, a corporate pilot flying a Hawker business jet, didn't mention it in her letter, but she is the founder of electroBlast, the product she recommends. Go to the company website at to decide for yourself if her arguments… hold water.

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