When One Bad Decision Follows Another

A controller’s voice becomes a calming friend.
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Caught in a Thunderstorm

A glider is not an all-weather machine.
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Jackie’s Last Flight

Lessons from a life sharing the air.
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Use the Checklist

The proper procedures would help avoid an international incident.
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Loss of Power on Takeoff

An instructor’s decision to land is a wake-up call.
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Icing Out of Options

Is the weather that lies ahead worse than what lies underneath the clouds?
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ILAFFT: When Paying Attention Pays Off

What to do when your alternator gives up the ghost?
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A Hop-Skip-Jump Turns Into a Serious Flight

What happens when all of your stressors go into one short flight? A lot, it turns out.
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Slow Down Your Flying

When haste leads to the loss of a fuel cap.
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Hazardous Attitude on Checkouts

Who needs a checkout? You do.
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