Classic Aftermath: The Unseen

Failure to see is not quite the same as failure to look, but it is hard to imagine, when two airplanes approach each ...
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Aftermath: Vectors to ZMB

The emergency was real, but the runway was only a memory.
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Aftermath: In the Region of Reversed Commands

The investigator concluded that the probable cause of the accident was improper soft-field-takeoff technique.
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Human, All Too Human

After decades of faulting pilots involved in collisions or near-misses for inadequate vigilance, the NTSB now officially concedes that see-and-avoid is a highly ...
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When Pilot Attitudes Cloud Judgment

When the airplane entered the clouds, there was no turning back.
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Was the ‘Probable Cause’ Really Probable?

The facts surrounding this Illinois accident just might paint a different picture.
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The Mystery of Colgan 3407

A look at the NTSB's report on the February 2009 crash in Buffalo, New York.
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The Hazard of Oz

A 337 breaks up and rains down from 27,000 feet. Amazingly, the right seat passenger lives to tell how it happened.
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