A Formation of Dissimilar Aircraft Unravels

Pilots are endowed with the right to take risks.
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Undetermined Reasons

When an accident’s cause is not easily found.
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Aftermath: At Pilot’s Discretion

A simple ILS approach ends in an unexplained disaster.
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Careless Pilots & Instrument Failures

When their equipment doesn’t work, pilots need to work a little harder.
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A Case of Unstabilized Approach

The accident report highlights the ­culture of omertà among professional pilots that keeps them from blowing the whistle on incompetent or unsafe colleagues.
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The Unknown in the Machine

What evil lurks in the heart of an airplane?
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What Makes a Debatable Risk?

A questionable takeoff in fog by the pilot of a Cessna 340 ends in tragedy.
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For Two Pilots, a False Reality Has Tragic Results

They aren't the only ones who have been led astray by incorrect expectations in IMC.
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A Pilot Asks for Tragedy—and Finds It

Someone with a shocking disregard for personal safety comes to his inevitable demise.
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Why Before-Takeoff Control Checks Are Important

Analyzing two crashes that involved reversed aileron controls.
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