Good at Slowing Down

There are no pills for low energy in flight.
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Aftermaths: A New Book

A compilation of Peter Garrison’s beloved column in Flying magazine, Aftermath.
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An Unqualified Pilot—But Not Disqualified

Several colleagues knew of a pilot’s limitations before a fatal 767 accident.
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The Case of the Absent Avgas

Can fuel supplies be legal and still inadequate?
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A Legendary Major-League Pitcher Meets Untimely Fate

An adventurous pilot falls for his aircraft with fatal results.
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Lack of Clarity Leads to an Accident

Uncertainty makes for an accident waiting to happen.
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Unknown Fuel System Problem Leads to Unfortunate Ending

If you don’t know where it went, is it really gone?
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Aftermath: Mountain, Cloud, Highway

There are so many ways for this recipe to go wrong.
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A Pilot’s Siege of Troubles Leads to a Fatal Outcome

One takeaway from this tragedy: Altitude is the best defense.
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A Formation of Dissimilar Aircraft Unravels

Pilots are endowed with the right to take risks.
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