More Than He Could Handle

An equipment upgrade leads to a pilot downgrade.
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Improvisation Is Not a Flight Plan

Habit born from overconfidence plus nonchalance add up to a deadly combination.
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A Pilot Gets Caught Between Procedure and Instinct

Doing what comes naturally as a pilot includes making mistakes.
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The Danger of Repeated Omissions

A step not completed during inspections proves fatal for two senior Navy pilots who appeared to do everything right.
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For One Low-Time Pilot, A Pattern of Small Errors Proves Fatal

Lack of experience rarely leads to the outcome of this Colorado mission.
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A Pilot Goes One Airport Too Far

Heading to West Houston Airport (KIWS), he follows the 'insidious demon' of scud running to his demise.
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Trouble Flying Low Upon the Suwanee River

Power lines prove fatal for a pilot looking for a dog's life jacket.
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Sometimes in Flight, There Is No Safety in Numbers

Formation-flight tragedy in California accentuates the importance of airside discipline.
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The Moth and the Flame

Mountain peaks are magnets for pilots but they harbor dangerous winds.
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The Tragic Day When a Pilot Was Literally Flying Blind

Oregon incident can teach us all a lesson in being honest with yourself.
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