A Closer Look at SimCom

A look at Simcom 21 years after the company first began.

Editor-in-Chief Robert Goyer recently spent a couple of weeks doing some training at SimCom’s Lee Vista training center (one of two such SimCom facilities in Orlando alone), and came back with his insight into the company. For more, check out "SimCom at 21."
While SimCom still keeps customers busy on nonmotion sims for airplanes that don’t require a type rating, the company has moved up-market in a strong way, with programs for many jets and large turboprops using full-motion simulators. For more, check out "SimCom at 21."
Starting with just a handful of staff in the early 90s, the company has grown into a truly competitive provider for many platforms, with a number of training centers, including two in Orlando, one in Dallas and one in Scottsdale, Arizona, and dozens of full-motion Level C and Level D simulators. For more, check out "SimCom at 21."
SimCom got started as a pure business venture back in 1989 by a small group that included current company CEO Wally David, shown here. For more, check out "SimCom at 21."