Tecnam P2006T In Detail

A closer look at the design features that set the P2006T apart.

Propeller and carburetor heat levers ****were initially placed as shown in this ****picture. But the FAA required Tecnam to ****switch the levers, placing the propeller ****controls beside the throttles — the ****standard throttle quadrant configuration ****for most twins. Mixture is self-regulating.
Although the Tecnam Twin’s high ****wing configuration and overall look ****shows its heritage from the Partenavia ****P68, the details clearly demonstrate ****that the two airplanes were designed ****nearly 40 years apart.
Getting into and out of the airplane ****is straightforward since the ****unique gear configuration places the ****flat floor low to the ground. Both the ****cockpit door on the left side of the ****fuselage and the passenger aft-entry ****door on the right side are large and ****open wide.
The horizontal stabilizer is an ****all-metal stabilator controlled by push ****rods that are internally linked to the ****yokes with cables. Rudder input is cable ****controlled, and electric rudder trim ****helps relieve the leg muscles.
The overhead panel houses fuel ****selectors, starter buttons and rocker ****switches for the electronic ignitions ****and fuel pumps. Ceiling mounted light ****fixtures can provide various levels of ****illumination to the cabin at night.
Winglets are not common in light ****twins, but these fiberglass extensions ****are not just pretty to look at — Tecnam ****claims they improve the Twin’s climb ****performance and reduce drag by ****reducing wingtip vortices.
A side-pod on each side of ****the fuselage houses the trailing link ****landing gear, a feature more commonly ****found in turboprops and jets. While ****this configuration is a bit heavier than ****traditional gear, it helps the pilot make ****smooth landings.
While the Tecnam Twin is mostly ****constructed of aluminum, composite ****material makes the nose section more ****streamlined. For more on the Tecnam Twin, check out Pia's in-depth story****.