Super Centurion

Sierra's update of the seminal Cessna retractable proves there's lots of life left in these old birds.

Sierra Industries' dramatic update of the Cessna 210 includes a wealth of modifications, including wingtip leading edge cuff and fences, the "No-Doors" landing gear door simplification, and a remanufactured engine, not to mention a complete panel refurb.Robert Goyer
A complete panel makeover includes the Garmin G500 flat-panel retrofit system with built-in ADAHRS and an EDM 900 engine monitoring system. The photo is a composite. We were sitting on the ramp when the panel shot was taken.
A complete-span leading edge cuff lowers the airplane's stall and approach speeds substantially, according to Sierra. A series of aerodynamic fences stop the spanwise flow, making the new airfoil even more effective.
The "No Doors" mod removes the hydraulically activated main gear doors, fairs in the opening and removes a great deal of the hydraulic mechanisms, cutting weight about 19 pounds while simplifying maintenance and all, according to Sierra, without cutting cruise speed.