Redbird Skyport Opening

The amenities at the new Skyport include a large hangar, FBO facilities and a sim center, just to name a few.

The 33,000 square-foot Skyport went up in just six months. It was, Redbird founder Jerry Gregoire, part of the experiment, too, to see how modular construction could be used to build such facilities at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time it normally costs. (Photos by Jerry Naunheim)
Customer service is a high priority at Skyport. Customer service reps greet everyone coming into the building. The open, well lighted atmosphere makes visitors feel very much at home.
A Skyport designer shows off the Redbird FMX full-motion flight simulator to a group tour. At well less than $100,000, the full-motion, full visual sim has changed the training game.Jerry Naunheim
Skyport founder Jerry Gregoire greets guests John and Martha King as they arrive at San Marcos for Skyport's grand opening ceremonies.Jerry Naunheim
Visitors to Skyport's gala opening arrive at KHYI for the festivities aboard a Citation CJ3. Skyport is a full-service FBO.111108_naunheim_redbird_skyport_727.JPG
Flying editor-in-chief Robert Goyer tells guests at Skyport's grand opening ceremony about how Flying's philosophy of supporting and fostering innovation in aviation dovetails perfectly with those of Redbird.Jerry Naunheim
Redbird founder Jerry Gregoire speaks at the Grand Opening ceremony of Skyport in San Marcos, November 8, 2011. Gregoire shared with guests his plans for using Skyport's innovative design to discover things about how training is done.Jerry Naunheim
San Marcos Municipal in Central Texas (KHYI) is an established airport that is growing by leaps and grounds, thanks in part to Skyport and some top-notch refurbishment businesses, including Tejas Aero just down the ramp from Skyport, as well as to great support from the landlord, the City of San Marcos.Jerry Naunheim
An open and airy design gives visitors in every area a glimpse at all the activity going on in other areas of the building.Jerry Naunheim
During a break in the festivities, a Skyport guest tries his hand at the Redbird FMX simulator, located in a dedicated sim center that occupies an entire wing of the facility.
Even when visitors are relaxing, they've always got a clear close-up view of the airplanes.111108_naunheim_redbird_skyport_727.JPG
A customer flies in the newly launched, lower-priced and more compact Redbird MX2. At around $48,000 ready to fly and compact enough to fit through a standard door opening, the MX2 is already proving popular.Jerry Naunheim
Another view of the compact and lower-cost Redbird MX2 flight simulator device.Jerry Naunheim
Redbird's crosswind trainer will be a regular part of the sylabus. It also hosted a spirited competition among attendees at the Cessna Pilot Center convention, which took place the day after the grand opening.Jerry Naunheim
There are ample places to sit, relax, study, read or even, if the mood strikes, take a quick nap.111108_naunheim_redbird_skyport_727.JPG
Skyport is a Cessna Pilot Center and authorized Cessna dealer. Single-engine training will be conducted in the 172 Skyhawk, a favorite of Gregoire and FBO manager Roger Sharp.111108_naunheim_redbird_skyport_727.JPG
For visitors with business to do, Skyport has conference rooms, a high-tech business center and plenty of good, hot coffee.111108_naunheim_redbird_skyport_727.JPG