Raisbeck Engineering in Photos

How one company, started nearly 40 years ago, has gained a reputation for turning out quality King Air mods.

James Raisbeck in his office at Robertson Aircraft Co. in 1969 analyzing a Curtis-Robin airplane.
Gary Standel (left) has been using Raisbeck Engineering’s King Air mods since 1987 for his West Coast Charters fleet. Standel’s son Jeff (right) works for the company as a pilot.
While performance is virtually identical to that of the factory installed four-blade propeller, Raisbeck Engineering claims its propeller produces less noise.
The simple but smart ram air recovery system (below) redirects and seals the intake airflow in a localized area for improved performance.
High-flotation landing gear doors eliminate the speed penalty from the drag created by otherwise protruding wheels designed for unimproved surfaces.
Up to 300 pounds of cargo can be stored in each wing locker compartment, which can accommodate oversize luggage, such as fishing rods, skis and golf bags.
Dual aft body strakes reduce noise and vibration.
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