Piper Aircraft: M600, M500 and M350

Meet Piper's new cabin-class airplanes.

Piper on Monday unveiled two new additions to its M-class fleet, including the M350, shown here, and the M600.
The M350 comes equipped with an enhanced version of Garmin's G1000 suite, which features several new enhanced safety features including automatic descent in the case of hypoxia incapacitation.
The M350 is priced at $1.15 million, in comparison to the standard Piper Mirage which currently sells for $1.1 million.
Piper's most notable new product is the M600, which brings enhanced range and payload over the standard Meridian.
The improvements stem from a newly designed wing and a 600 sph Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A engine.
Up front in the Piper M600, fliers will have the first-class Garmin G3000 touchscreen avionics suite.
The M600's cabin brings enhancements too. Improvements included enhanced passenger side panels and additional color options.
The M350 and M600 come just a few months after Piper unveiled the Meridian M500, shown here.
The Meridian M500's Garmin G1000 suite brings a number of safety features, including Garmin's Electronic Stability Protection. See more of the M500 here.