N836D Restoration Gallery

A DC-7B finally takes to the skies again after years of restoration.

The core group poses after the successful landing of the first post-restoration flight. Personal satisfaction was the key motivator for the group of volunteers. Florida Air Transport supplied the technical savvy and physical labor to get it done. A true labor of love. Photo by Bill Underwood
This beautiful night shot is recognized as one of the premier portraits of the restored airplane. Posters (and rides) are available for purchase here. Photo by Greg Drawbaugh
The airplane, ferried from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Miami’s Opa-locka Airport, showed its age after 32 years on the ground. The rebuilding process included maintaining the original look from the factory delivery in 1958. Photo by Ralph M. Pettersen
Work began in St. Paul to open, inspect, replace and repair systems that have sat idle for three-plus decades. Photo by Greg Drawbaugh
**Once in Miami, the long-term restoration began with the stripping of the interior. Ribs were repaired and/or replaced. At the same time, some 60 percent of the exterior skin panels were replaced.
** Photo courtesy of Historical Flight Foundation (HFF)
This was the scene in St. Paul during the first week of the project that began in May of 2004. Note the dilapidated rudder. Photo by Greg Drawbaugh
The new interior was installed at the end of 2009. _ Photo by Roger Jarman_
This photo of the restored cockpit was taken March 2011 while at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, New York, for the shooting of the new “Pan Am” TV series scheduled to air September 2011 on ABC. Photo by www.longislandwallpapers.com
July 4, 2010, N836D takes off for its first post-restoration flight. Photo courtesy of HFF