Israel From a Cessna 172

Snapshots from the amazing sights of Israel from a Cessna 172.

The home airport of most of the general aviation activity in Israel, Herzliya (LLHZ) is a towered airport 121 ft MSL. Like many airports in the U.S., Herzliya is under threat of closure by the city. Herzliya Mayor, Yael German, wants the airfield closed down, claiming it is a hazard to the city's residents and keeping the city from building much needed housing. (Photos and text courtesy of Jerry Gregoire)
The Port at Jaffa: Flying North up the coast of Israel we get a good view of the port of Jaffa, one of the oldest in the world. Jaffa has been continuously occupied since 8,000 BCE.
Approaching Runway 16 at Haifa: Haifa is an industrial center and major seaport in Northern Israel. The airport serves commercial and general aviation traffic and features FBO-type services. The rising terrain surrounding the airport makes gusty winds a regular occasion.
Runway 33 at the Rosh Pina Airport: Rosh Pina Airport (LLIB), at 1000 ft MSL is the closest airport to the Sea of Galilee, well known for historical and religious sights and the largest fresh water lake in Israel.
Flying Past Downtown Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv is beautiful from ground level, too.
Cruising Over the Mediterranean Shore at Sunset: This is why we fly.
VFR Chart for Northern Israel: VFR flying in Israel refers only to the weather. Even when flying VFR pilots must remain on the airways and make mandatory position and altitude reports even while squawking an assigned code on a mode S transponder. The Green lines are regular routes for all General Aviation and military aircraft. The dashed green lines are routes that are approved only by ATC while in flight. The blue lines for are for military aircraft only.
FN Aviation Lobby: A modern training facility featuring well maintained aircraft and flight simulators.
FN Aviation Owners, Fanny and Nisim Vanunu: ****FN Aviation is one of five flight schools at Herzliya Airport (ICAO: LLHZ) located in the city of Herzliya on the Northern outskirts of Tel Aviv. Read more about seeing Israel from a Cessna 172 here.