Icon A5 Amphibious LSA

The Icon A5 is a light sport amphibian bringing new excitement to GA.

The Icon A5 is a sleek, easy-flying LSA designed for pilots with little experience. Read Pia Bergqvist's "We Fly: Icon A5" feature here.
**An amphibian, it is at home in the water and on the land. **
The A5 was designed with foldable wings to allow for easy transportation and off-airport storage.
Icon's design team came up with its own instrument designs, including the angle of attack instrument on top of the panel.
Clay modeling helped the designers and engineers lay out a cockpit design reminiscent of one in a luxury car.
Extending from the hull are a pair of seawings.
The seawings provide stability on the water and help occupants get into and back out of the airplane.
Like most flying boats, the Icon can taxi from water to land. The pilot simply lowers the gear in the water and maneuvers the craft onto shore.
Find out what you need you need to become an Icon pilot in Pia Bergqvist's "Icon A5" feature here.