Icing Encounter: Home from Palm Springs

Snapshots of a trip back from Palm Springs, California (KPSP), to Austin Executive (KEDC). (Photography by Robert Goyer)

Unforcecast widespread icing over El Paso turned what was to be a benign VFR flight into an interesting IFR journey. The worst of it was soon over, and the remainder of the trip was an air tour to remember.by Robert Goyer
A hundred miles later, the clouds thinned and despite high winds, the ride remained remarkably smooth.by Robert Goyer
Approaching Midland, Texas, the clouds began to thin and we got occasional glimpses of the ground, some of them geometrical.by Robert Goyer
The peaks in Guadalupe National Park are spectacular even from 11,000 feet.by Robert Goyer
Beyond Midland and approaching Junction, Texas, the combination of late afternoon light and a perfectly scattered and even cloud deck led to the most brilliant show of sun rays I've ever seen.by Robert Goyer
Who said there are no straight lines in nature? The West Texas horizon and the perfectly smooth cloud deck say otherwise.by Robert Goyer
One of the advantages of the gorgeous silver wings on the Cirrus: they get painted the colors of the sky.by Robert Goyer
Nearing Austin, this was my welcome home. Who could ask for more.