Hawker 4000 in Photos

The super-midsize bizjet has come a long way since its initial launch a decade ago.

In terms of speed, range and comfort, the Hawker 4000, in my opinion, has nailed it. You get an advanced airplane with cutting- edge safety systems that can glide from coast to coast with the greatest of ease.
**With the Honeywell Primus Epic suite, the Hawker 4000 boasts a world-class avionics package. The latest upgrade adds electronic charts, WAAS and more. **
The double-club cabin of the Hawker 4000 is luxurious, quiet and nicely lit. Available options include wireless Web browsing and Aircell phone service.
The galley of the 4000 is ready for New York to London. With a fridge, oven and hot and cold water, it can accommodate full meal preparation and lots of snacks.
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