Gulfstream G650

A closer look at the world's current fastest bizjet, the Gulfstream G650.

What makes the Gulfstream G650 different from the G550 is not only its speed but it has longer range and a greatly improved cabin.
While sightly bigger than the G550 in every regard, the G650 is still identifiably a Gulfstream. In fact, it’s hard for plane spotters to differentiate between the two.
With head-up display integration, synthetic vision, enhanced vision, 3-D weather radar and every other conceivable safety utility on top of fly-by-wire flight controls, the G650 can claim the title of world’s most advanced business jet.
The windows, the biggest in the bizjet world, define G650 elegance.
The windows are bright and perfectly proportioned, so every passenger with an individual seat has a window to call their own.
The wing of the G650 is indeed the thing. Its all-new, variable leading-edge airfoil is efficient; no leading-edge devices or VGs were needed to tailor the airflow.
Carbon brakes are powerful and sophisticated but lack autobraking.
The day brought scattered convection to the Savannah, Georgia, area. As we discovered, it’s in this kind of weather that the HUD is best put to use and appreciated.


The Gulfstream G650 reaches a top speed of Mach .925. To see how some other fast aircraft stack up against the G650, check out our comparison gallery here. You can also read the full feature "We Fly Gulfstream G650" here.