Gaining Perspective in Integrated Avionics at Cirrus

The new flat-panel avionics suite for its SR22 piston single, Perspective, by Garmin, features two 12-inch diagonal high-resolution LCDs, synthetic vision, the GFC 700 digital autopilot and an easy-to-use FMS keypad.Photos Courtesy: Cirrus Design Corporation
From the outside, the SR22 looks very much the same.
Perspective gives pilots Garmin’s impressive Synthetic Vision Technology, which includes hard-to-miss obstacle presentations...
...Highway in the Sky fly-through boxes...
...and terrain depictions that change color to let you know where the terrain risks are.
**A go-around feature on the newly designed throttle allows pilots with the touch of a button to engage the flight director for takeoff or go-around assistance. When on approach, hitting the button will activate the missed approach segment ?