A Closer Look at BRS

See what goes into whole airplane recovery systems and how they are saving lives one pull at a time.

Rans Aerobatic Pilot Dino Moline in Argentina was saved by his BRS system in 2010 after losing part of his wing in flight. Read Grant Opperman's feature about the benefits of BRS here.
Cirrus flier Dick McLaughlin has no regrets about pulling his chute after suffering an engine loss while flying over Bahamian waters with his daughter in 2012.
The parachute packing process is a very precise science.
**Chutes are compressed down to a small brick through the application of extreme pressure. **
**There are several different BRS Systems; some come in nylon packs while others are canisters, like this one. **
A technician inserts the rocket fuel into the ignition module.
1. Rocket extraction, parachute extraction 2. Line extention, initial canopy inflation, reefed parachute 3. Parachute disreef 4. Snub line release Read more about the benefits of BRS here.