Cirrus Factory Tour

cirrus factory tour007.jpg
**A wing section of an SR22 cures in the autoclave. As you can see, the parts are built with additional material that is used for any number of manufacturing purposes, but they're mostly for attaching to jigs for assembly down the line a ways.Photos By: Robert Goyer
cirrus factory tour010.jpg
A fuselage half ready for a little time in the Easy-Bake. Note the grey channels built into the fuselage side for the parachute harness straps.
cirrus factory tour017.jpg
A fuselage half ready for additional assembly.
cirrus factory tour023.jpg
One of the components that defines the SR22 G3 model is the carbon fiber spar. Very expensive and built by a U.S. subcontractor, the spar helps cut a substantial amount of weight from the new '22.
cirrus factory tour016.jpg
The right half of the fuselage, with many components already installed, sitting in a fixture almost ready to have the other half bonded onto it. This fixture was introduced with the G3 model, and it has cut production time substantially.
cirrus factory tour027.jpg
Local heater/blowers help cure a hand laid-up bond on the tail.
cirrus factory tour041.jpg
The fixture in which the major structure of the wing is assembled.
cirrus factory tour032.jpg
A wing section ready to go into the oven.
cirrus factory tour039.jpg
A fixture designed to remove excess bonding material from a partially built-up wing skin.
cirrus factory tour034.jpg
Temporary inspection covers double as handhold for this wing in a fixture. There's no chance of leaving these optic orange babies in place by mistake.
cirrus factory tour035.jpg
Right and left wing sections ready to be joined.
cirrus factory tour037.jpg
Three airplanes worth of wings awaiting a fuselage on the Cirrus line.
cirrus factory tour044.jpg
Airplanes begin to take shape on the Cirrus line. Note the order form taped to the tail. It describes in exact detail what optional features each airplane gets or doesn't get.
cirrus factory tour045.jpg
The firewall nearly ready to accept the most expensive component in the airplane, the Continental IO-550.
cirrus factory tour046.jpg
Getting ready to install the lights in the wingtip of a '22.
cirrus factory tour069.jpg
Cirruses aren't made completely out of composites. Completed flap assemblies await installation.
cirrus factory tour054.jpg
An engine assembly ready to bolt to a waiting firewall.
cirrus factory tour051.jpg
Engine mated successfully, this Cirrus is only hours away from the paint shop.
cirrus factory tour055.jpg
This one won't be flying anywhere. This SR22 forward fuselage is bound for a fixed base simulator.
cirrus factory tour063.jpg
Guess what they keep here. Installation of the rocket motors for the chute are left for the end of the line.
cirrus factory tour057.jpg
Installing the glass, a job that's left for one of the final jobs, to keep expensive scratches to a minimum.
cirrus factory tour058.jpg
Hartzell three-bladers await installation.
cirrus factory tour059.jpg
Cirrus production test pilots getting ready to go flying the latest airplane off the line.
cirrus factory tour074.jpg
Heading home from Duluth in a newly completed SR22 G3.