Cessna's New Jet: The Citation M2

Cessna's newest entry-level jet comes with first-rate avionics and a pretty spectacular cabin.

While it is inspired by the simplicity and high tech charm of the Mustang, the M2 is a Citation 525 or CJ. The engines are FADEC variations of the Williams FJ44s that have powered CitationJets from day one.
The airplane features small winglets called “Eco-Tips.” They are largely aesthetic, but add to the new-airplane look and feel.
Completely redesigned for the M2, the interior is nothing short of spectacular for an entry-level airplane, with articulating seats, wireless entertainment and LED lighting.
The seats, even the underlying structure, are all new. They are comfortable, adjustable, and can be reclined for a quick nap. They also slide out toward the aisle, to give you added headroom.
The lav, which comes with a soft or hard door, is nothing new to the CJ but a great addition to the “Mustang” lineup.
Perhaps the biggest innovation is the Garmin G3000 avionics suite that features huge displays, touch controllers, advanced symbology and a whole new world of operational simplicity for CJ owners.
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