Bombardier Global 6000

We take a closer look at the beautiful bizjet.

One of the largest, most luxurious, longest-legged and most advanced purpose-built bizjets in the world, the Bombardier Global 6000 has set a new standard in private transportation. The 6000 is currently the top-of-the-line offering from the Montreal-based bizav and commercial aircraft manufacturer. In a couple of years, two even more impressive models, the Global 7000 and 8000, will join the 6000. In each case, the numerical designation represents the number of nautical miles of range (under ideal conditions). Bombardier made first deliveries of the 6000 last year and has bulging order books for all the Global models.
The cabin of the Global 6000 is divided into multiple zones. The most popular configuration features a rear stateroom with private lavatory — a shower is another option often selected to go along with the layout. Anything you think you’d like in an ultra-long-range airplane, you can get with the 6000: high-speed Internet, a networked cabin, multiple entertainment options, sophisticated lighting, lots of natural light and the best fabrics and furniture money can buy. It’s a great place to spend half a day — or more — jetting off to Europe or the Middle East.
Not many airplanes have a shower; the Global 6000’s is a popular option.
The Global Vision Flight Deck, based on Rockwell Collins’ Fusion suite, gives pilots of the Global family more information, options and tools than ever before for every phase of flight, from start up to shut down. Here, the multifunction display is segmented into three sections, with the approach chart for KBDL’s ILS to Runway 6 at right, engine and crew advisory system messaging at top left and the environmental control system schematic at bottom right. All are customizable with a few clicks of the mouse.
Coming or going, this airstair door says, in no uncertain terms, that you have arrived.
The cockpit of the Global 6000 is a remarkable space, with incredibly comfortable seats for the crew and a virtual wall of glass filled with customizable flight and systems information. The flight deck features four 15-inch displays, dual FMS, data messaging, head-up display on the left side, auto thrust, envelope protection, auto braking and much, much more. There is, as you’d expect for a 6,000-nm airplane, a relief crew rest area behind the cockpit.
The fueling panel is as advanced as every other system on the 6000, giving the crew the ability to completely automate the process or do it completely manually, making misfueling very unlikely.
At less than 100,000 pounds max takeoff weight, the Global 6000 is welcome at nearly every GA airport. Its surprisingly simple landing gear gives solid and reliable arrivals, and the big carbon brakes offer tremendous stopping power, helping to give the Global 6000 leading short-field performance.
As with the cockpit, the exterior utilities are grouped together smartly to cut down on workload during the preflight checks and to minimize the chances of an error or oversight.
The big Rolls-Royce turbofans quietly churn out nearly 15,000 pounds of thrust each.
The sub-100,000-pound Global 6000 is GA-airport friendly.