Beechcraft Bonanza G36

See why Beechcraft's classic design still shines.

The Beechcraft Bonanza is a high-performance workhorse that has maintained its popularity throughout the decades, making it the airplane with the longest continuous production record in the world.
The three-blade Hartzell prop slightly improves the climb rate and gives smoother and quieter performance than a two-blade prop would.
Cabin accessibility is one of the Bonanza’s major selling points. The rear double doors open up to a huge 45-by-35-inch entryway, which makes loading passengers or gear incredibly easy. But the pilot has to climb onto the wing and slide through the cockpit to get to the captain’s seat.
The Bonanza’s interior design was upgraded in 2012. Cool lighting fixtures, smooth leather details and seats that allow for various configurations were new features that improved upon an already nice interior. With both doors on the right side, an emergency exit is available through a side window.
A new environmental system, located below the throttle quadrant, was added as part of the recent interior upgrade. ergonomics were a huge factor when the cockpit layout was designed. Beechcraft’s team hit the nail on the head. The ease of access to knobs and buttons is just right.
Long-lasting, bright led lights have been added throughout the interior and exterior of the Bonanza. While the new lights are terrific, the styling of the wingtip installation is not quite up to par with the beautiful fit and finish featured throughout the remainder of the airplane.
Each side of the cowl opens fully, allowing the pilot to take a close look at the engine and all of its accessories.
The Bonanza’s 28-volt electrical system helps make gear extension and retraction quick and smooth.
One of the many reasons the Bonanza has seen such success is that it is a well-balanced platform that is a pleasure to fly.
Today's Bonanza is still in many ways the same kind of airplane the original was: fast, practical and stylish.
Beechcraft launched the G36 Model in 2005.
The Beechcraft Bonanza has seen several design changes through the years. Click next to take a look back at some of the major modifications.
The original Bonanza, the Model 35, had four seats and a 165 hp Continental engine spinning a two-blade wooden prop. It was easy to identify because of its V-tail empennage, which at the time of its introduction was called a “butterfly” tail. According to Beechcraft, the butterfly was chosen because it required less weight than the horizontal and vertical stabilizers and because it made the airplane unmistakable on the ramp and in the air.
The first major modification to the Bonanza came in 1959 with the Model 33 Debonair, which had a conventional empennage and a 225 hp engine. The Debonair model got another power boost in 1965 with a 285 hp engine.
In 1968, the Debonair fuselage was lengthened to accommodate six people and the wide cargo/passenger door was added. This was the introduction of the Model 36 Bonanza. The signature throw-over yoke was modified to dual yokes in 1984. Through the years, Beechcraft stayed with Continental as a power plant, the latest version of which offers 300 hp.
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