AOPA Regional Fly-In 2014

Check out AOPA's first regional fly-in event, which was a huge success and garnered surprising attendance numbers.

**AOPA's first regional grassroots fly-in was a major success, with more than 2500 people, 475 airplanes and nearly 50 vendors. These are just the exhibitors planes. A huge parking section is on the other side of the control tower, where this was shot. **Flying
**That's right. Kids still love flying, even the virtual kind, when they get a chance to try their hand at it. **Flying
A pair of V-22 Ospreys stopping in San Marcos for fuel put on an impromptu air show. (Well, it was just a fly-by, but everyone loved it.)Flying
**AOPA's Mark Baker and EAA's Jack Pelton at SkyPort visit before they addressed hundreds of AOPA members in the main hangar. **Flying
**Can you get any more grassroots than this? Pilots talk the merits of Aviat's pretty Husky taildragger. **Flying
**There were a couple of dozen exhibitors at the event, including ForeFlight. Here ForeFlight's Angela Anderson shows off version 6 of ForeFlight Mobile. **Flying
**An impromptu lesson on one of the Redbird Jays set up around the SkyPort FBO. **Flying
**A chance to take a ride in a B-17 doesn't come every day. Attendees were lined up all day for a quick trip in a timeless classic. **Flying
**One of the best parts of the fly-in was that it gave regional pilots a chance to get together and share experiences. **Flying
**An AOPA member signs a big petition urging legislators and regulators to act now on medical certification reform. **Flying
One of the most popular attractions was Redbird's still-under-development helicopter simulator. Those fixed wing types who tried it were humbled. We could tell by the way the machine was rocking!Flying
**Hundreds of AOPA members gathered for a delicious and free barbeque lunch, courtesy of AOPA. **Flying
**The event hosted pilots and would-be pilots alike. **Flying
**Hangar flying . . . well, ramp flying anyways. A gaggle of aviators swap tales in front of a North American AT-6. **Flying
**Flying was well represented at the event, with editor-in-chief Robert Goyer (middle) joined by aviation legends and Flying columnists Martha King and John King. **Flying
**There were 200 volunteers for the event. At least one of them got a personal tour of Cessna's new high-powered Grand Caravan. **Flying
**Sporty's founder and chairman Hal Shevers chats with Redbird's Todd Willinger at SkyPort about the facilities and the common traits between Sporty's impressive Ohio facility and SkyPort's Texas FBO. **Flying
**AOPA president and CEO Mark Baker addresses attendees at his town hall meeting. **Flying
**The show's over, the map displays the tracks of those heading home from the event. **Flying