AOPA Fly-In 2015: Salinas

The first of the 2015 AOPA regional fly-ins kicked off in Salinas, California, with plenty of pilots and airplanes in attendance.

Despite overcast skies and cool temperatures, there were a lot of people milling around the Salinas airport in the early morning hours on Saturday May 16. The AOPA Fly-In, which featured several educational and entertaining seminars, more than 100 exibits and aircraft display, updates on the GA industry, and lots of food, drew about 2,600 people and nearly 300 airplanes. (Photography by Pia Bergqvist)
Brian Terwilliger introduced his new movie, Living in the Age of Airplanes, which attendees at the Friday night Barnstormers party had a chance to see. Like Terwilliger's previous aviation documentary One Six Right, the new movie is spectacularly shot in high definition. This movie showcases the versatility of flight and how flying has changed our world. _Living in the Age of Airplanes _will also be shown in at the AOPA Fly-In in Frederick, Maryland on June 6. (Photo: AOPA)AOPA
Saturday's event kicked off at 7:30 am with a Rusty Pilots Seminar. The seminar was well attended, which could be a sign that the GA industry is recovering.
The Salinas show had two entrances, one for foot traffic and another for those arriving in their own airplanes. Whether attendees flew in or arrived by other means, the show was free of charge.
The pancake breakfast was a popular event despite the cool temperatures on Saturday morning.
There were not a lot of people who could resist the stacks of steaming pancakes that were being served up among the airplanes on display.
Julie Clark's beautiful T-34 Mentor stood out on the flight line.
Aviation vendors inside the tented display area were busy providing information and products to the people who stopped by.
As the cloud ceilings raised, more and more airplanes arrived at the Salinas Municipal Airport.
Seminars were held in tents and in the main hangar near the Salinas airport terminal.
The aircraft display area featured both new airplanes and older ones, with type clubs and flying clubs looking for new members.
Rides were offered for a cost in the Ford Trimotor, which could be seen flying laps near the Monterey Bay.
Kids were particularly attracted to the bright yellow AOPA Sweepstakes airplane, the 152Reimagined, which was completely refurbished by Aviat Aircraft.
You can purchase a 150Reimagined or 152Reimagined from Aviat for under $100,000.
The food trucks were a big hit once the morning pancakes wore off.
By around noontime, the sun started breaking up the clouds making the flight line even more inviting.
The Salinas Airport, which has offered the California International Airshow for more than three decades, provided a terrific venue for the AOPA regional show.
Despite the weather, there were a few brave campers on the flight line.
The long taxiways at the Salinas airport were lined with all types of general aviation airplanes.
The Salinas show was the first AOPA Regional show that offered an airshow, this one by local aviator Yuichi Takagi. (Photo: AOPA)AOPA
Takagi was trained by famed airshow pilot Sean Tucker, who also lives in the area. Takagi has been competing and training aerobatic pilots for more than a decade, so it is unlikely that anyone could tell that this was his first professional performance. (Photo: AOPA)AOPA