All Grown Up: The Cessna CJ4

New wing and engine designs, plus advanced systems and avionics, make Cessna's newest light jet its best ever.

Cessna Citation CJ4Cessna
The new wing is a home run with the capability for faster climb, low-drag cruise and more fuel capacity.Cessna
Four flat-panel Collins Pro Line 21 displays are standard; flight guidance controls have all moved up to the glareshield, and the FMS control display units are located ahead of the throttles. The toggle switches common to other light Citations are gone.Cessna
Cessna Citation CJ4Cessna
The standard CJ4 cabin has six chairs that track fore and aft and may be reclined. The basic cabin cross-section size is the same as in others in the family, but there's more room in the central seating area at floor level. Higher cabin windows improve the view.Cessna
Cessna Citation CJ4Cessna
The CJ4 cabin is wired for a variety of entertainment systems, including BluRay or iPod portable devices, and XM. Two LCD screens can be plugged in beside the primary passenger seats in addition to the Collins 10.6-inch display mounted on the bulkhead.Cessna
Around the airport the CJ4 is as easy to fly as any airplane, jet or propeller.Cessna