Airbus E-Fan: The Electric Aircraft

The Airbus hybrid is sexy, fast and coming soon.

Meet the Airbus E-Fan Read Stephen Pope's feature on Airbus Group's electric aircraft here. (Photo: Artist impression of the E-Fan 2.0)
Airbus subsidiary VoltAir has been flying this E-Fan prototype for a little over a year to test the possibilities for pure electric-powered flight.
In a few short years the E-Fan 2.0 electric two-seater and E-Fan 4.0 hybrid-electric four-seater will be built at a new factory in France. Read more about the new factory here.
As the name suggests, the E-Fan prototype (shown here) and production iteration will be powered by electrically driven ducted fans.
Here is an artist's impression of the production iteration of the Airbus E-Fan.
At this point E-Fan is still a very big bet for Airbus, but knowledge gained about electric propulsion makes it a gamble worth taking.
For more on the E-Fan, read up about the advances in propulsion technology and its electric motor here.