The Aerostar has evolved into a jet.

**Aerostar showed up at AirVenture with a jet version of the Aerostar twin. Currently under development, the Pratt & Whitney powered jet features the same engines as the Cessna Citation Mustang. **Robert Goyer
**The engines, Pratt & Whitney PW615s, are wing mounted, which required remanufacturing the section of the wing where the nacelles had been. The engine inlets are bleed air heated; the wings will be deiced with boots. **Robert Goyer
With its engines mounted on the wing, a configuration that is not common in business jets, the Aerostar Jet reminds many of the late WWII Messerschmitt 262 jet.Robert Goyer
**Down the road the jet will likely get a stretch of a few feet, giving it room for two extra seats or a hard sided lav, two features that will help attract customers and differentiate it from competitors. **Robert Goyer
**Aerostar is looking for integrated avionics solutions, which is always a key feature on conversion products and, as is the case with the Aerostar jet, sometimes a requirement to display engine gauges. **Robert Goyer
**An Aerostar throttle quadrant unlike any other in the world. **Robert Goyer