Adam A500

This A500 is one of the first out of the factory to be fully approved for pressurized flight to its certified 25,000-foot ceiling, and with fully functioning air conditioning.Photography By Paul Bowen
The A500 wing has an aspect ratio greater than 11, making it one of the longest and most slender in all of general aviation.
The forward airstair provides easy access to both cabin and cockpit.
The center passenger seat can swivel to face fore or aft. Baggage is stowed behind the rear seats.
Adam A500 flying near the company's Colorado headquarters.
The drooped leading edge "cuff" on the wing keeps the outer portion of the wing flying after the inboard section has stalled. Vortex generators also help control air flow at high angles of attack.
The cooling air scoops for the rear engine are large and very effective at maintaining temperatures on that engine exactly equal to the forward engine.
Adam is transitioning to a three-tube Avidyne Entegra glass cockpit for the A500. Essential engine performance information is shown on the upper left corner of the PFDs, and you can see expanded engine and system data on the center MFD.