It's All About Speed

Jack Roush and two of his favorite mounts.
Roush stands on the wing of his "D" model P-51 Mustang. A freshly overhauled Merlin had recently been installed.
In the Mustang's cockpit are a mix of World War II vintage instruments and controls, plus enough modern instruments and avionics to make IFR flight routine
** An SNJ and Piper J-3 Cub share space with the Mustang and Premier in Jack's hangar on Willow Run Airport.**
This is just one of Jack's garages filled with cars that have played an important part in his life. It's actually a museum that you can visit.
Roush showed Flying's Mac McClellan how airflow lifts the spoilers on the roof of a NASCAR racer to help keep it from flipping during a slide or spin.
Rolls-Royce and Packard painted Merlin engines black, but this engine's owner wanted his overhauled engine bright red, so Roush's technicians obliged.