Fuel Miser

Piaggio P.180 Avanti II
In the photo above you can see clearly how the Avanti fuselage swoops from a pointy nose to pointy tail.
The Avanti cabin door is a hybrid arrangement with a clamshell lower portion that drops down to provide an airstair while the top half swings on a forward hinge.
A padded flap can be extended on the baggage compartment sill to protect the paint.
The baggage compartment is located
The Collins Pro Line 21 avionics system that is standard in the Avanti II features three large flat glass displays and a single flight management system (FMS). Radio frequencies, transponder codes and such can be dialed up with a radio tuning unit on the copilot side of the panel, or by typing them into the FMS keyboard. Satellite weather and Jeppesen charts can also be displayed on the center MFD.
A redesigned interior is one of the important changes in the Avanti II with new large single-piece side and overhead panels that create a smooth and substantial appearance. The cabin chairs are also new and, in addition to the expected plush leather, there is a wide range of tracking, sliding inboard and swiveling functions.
This Avanti owner chose the forward two-place divan option.
Long jackscrews drive the huge flaps on the Avanti main wing far aft before the flaps start deflecting down on their tracks to create more wing area and a slot between the wing trailing edge and flap to produce more lift at low airspeeds.
The Piaggio Avanti is equipped with Collins Pro Line 21 avionics system, including three flat-panel displays, weather radar, flight management system, digital autopilot and dual VOR/ILS and comm radios as standard. All information here is from airplane manuals and reflects standard day conditions.