Citation IIs Sierra Style

Sierra Citation Super II
All the magic, or at least most of it, is thanks to the Williams FJ44. If it sounds like a complicated job, you're right. Sierra re-engineers the engine supports, and extensively replumbs, rewires and re-instruments every airplane that gets new engines.
It keeps busy, too. Besides being a successful FJ44 mod shop, Sierra owns about 300 other STCs, many of them for Citations.
Sierra Industries' modifications of the Cessna Citation II and S-II offer dramatic improvements in range, cruise speed, fuel efficiency and climb performance. When coupled with paint, interior and avionics updates, the total cost of a package is typically about half of what a comparable new business jet would be.
Among the many Sierra STCs for the Citation lineup is enlarging the door. The mod is popular with air ambulance companies and cargo haulers.
Many owners replace the steam gauges with Universal flat-panel displays and the FMS with dual Garmin 430s. The eyebrow panel for caution lights is one of Sierra's most popular mods. The FJ44 installation comes with dedicated engine gauges.
Customers who swap engines often choose to upgrade the interior, too.
Sierra partners with shops on the field for paint and interior mods, and it's all high-quality work. A popular mod is a three-place aft divan.