Cirrus SR22

Cirrus SR22
This SR22 is equipped with the premium avionics package that includes dual Garmin GNS 430s, the big Arnav multifunction display, an S-Tec autopilot and a Sandel electronic HSI. Note the unique Cirrus flight control system that combines a sidestick with conventional control column operation.
A Hartzell three-blade prop is standard on the SR22. The landing light on the SR22 is located behind a lens in the cowling instead of inside the cooling air inlet as it is on the SR20. The inlets have been enlarged and reshaped to handle the cooling needs of the 22's larger engine.
The wingspan on the SR22 is three feet greater than on the lower-powered SR20 and has internal modifications to carry the extra takeoff weight and to hold an additional 24 gallons of fuel.