Aspen Avionics Evolution EFD1000

Aspen Avionics Evolution EFD1000
You can see the screen, after we turned off the master, has reverted to backup power mode. It's now operating under its own power independent of the airplane's power.
Taken on the RNAV Runway 13 approach to Muskogee (under VFR), this photograph illustrates the sophistication and capability of the Aspen EFD1000 display system. Note the clear and useful presentation of the waypoints on the approach, the easily identifiable vertical (glideslope) and lateral (localizer) indicators on the attitude indicator, and the wealth of basic information on the data bar in the center of the display.
The connections are simple and the unit features its own cooling fan, a must for such a densely packaged system. A battery backup keeps the system working up to half an hour after losing ship's power.
The EFD1000 fits into the hole vacated by the two center flight instruments.
You can see how clean the installation looks in a Bonanza.