NTSB Will Release ‘Most Wanted’ List Every Two Years

Loss of control accidents still among Board’s top safety issues.

NTSB Most Wanted
Preventing loss of control accidents is high on the NTSB's safety priorities list.NTSB

The NTSB this week released its 2017-18 “Most Wanted” list of transportation safety improvements, with general aviation issues chief among them.

The Board also announced it will begin issuing the list every two years instead of annually, stating “the change allows more time for the transportation industry, safety advocates, regulatory agencies and individuals to effect the changes necessary to address the 10 issues on the Most Wanted List.”

For the third year in a row, loss of control in flight made the list of top safety issues.

The NTSB also listed eliminating distractions in the cockpit, reducing fatigue-related accidents, ensuring safe shipment of hazardous materials and requiring more stringent medical guidelines for “safety-critical personnel,” such as commercial pilots.

You can find the NTSB's full Most Wanted list here.