No One Injured in Cirrus Collision Involving Former NFL Player

A little good luck can be valuable, as was demonstrated when an SR22 inadvertently landed on top of an SR20.

All three people aboard two different Cirrus aircraft escaped harm after the pilot of an SR22 landed on top of an SR20 at the Lt. Kay Larkin Field (28J) in Palatka, Florida. Both aircraft were attempting to land on Runway 27 just before 11 a.m. local time last Friday. Palatka is an uncontrolled airport about 20 miles east of Gainesville.

The SR20 was being operated by a pilot with a flight instructor. Unconfirmed reports said the SR22 was flown by Rob Meier, a former defensive lineman with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Both aircraft were substantially damaged in the collision, causing a fuel spill.

The SR20 was registered to Aerosim Academy Inc. in Sanford Florida, while the SR22 is listed with a company in Atlantic Beach. The FAA will attempt to determine exactly what led to the accident.


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