YouTube Video Lands Show Pilot in Trouble with FAA

FAA investigates viral video of a dangerous stunt.

If ABC News is on target, airshow pilot and self-promoted daredevil Jason Newburg may be looking for a new meal ticket. A video posted on YouTube shows Newburg buzzing an ATV rider on a runway and narrowly missing the photographer. ABC reporter Jim Avila said analysis of the video indicates the airplane was flying at 200 mph, and slow motion replays reveal the left wingtip of the biplane passed within inches of the ground before flashing past the screaming photographer.

The network also reported that Newburg’s low-level aerobatic waiver had expired in November, though that’s really a moot point in the resulting FAA inquiry into the video. After 150,000 views, the clip was pulled from YouTube, but not before the feds launched an investigation into the incident, based on the apparent danger to the two people on the ground. Have a look at the video and judge for yourself.