Winter Storm Ravages the Northeast

Blizzard conditions paralyzed surface and air travel.


A pair of low pressure systems converged on the Northeast region Tuesday night, and the resulting blizzard conditions paralyzed surface and air travel. For the second time in less than three weeks, the New York area was blasted, though this storm saved its worst for New England.

All flights to and from Boston Logan Airport were delayed or canceled, while the three major New York airports experienced delays and cancelations — 675 at LaGuardia; 440 at Newark Liberty; and 300 at JFK. Parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts were slammed with up to two feet of wet snow early yesterday morning from a combination of two storm systems.

One low pressure system tracked up the coast in classic Nor'easter fashion, about 40 miles offshore. The resulting counterclockwise spin picked up moisture from the ocean which was met by cold Canadian air over land. This time, the Nor'easter low merged with a second low pressure system moving in from the west. The lows combined to strengthen, amplifying the effect of the blizzard conditions.