What Can You Take Away From the US Airways Flight 1549 Experience?

No pilot could possibly reflect on the one-in-a-million emergency landing in New York's Hudson River without imagining himself or herself in the pilot's seat. We all hope we could remain as calm as the heroic pilots and crew that day. We also hope we have prepared ourselves as completely as we can for this, or any other emergency situation. What stands out, and thankfully will continue to stand out for some time, is the positive image this incident presents for all of aviation. For once, when nonpilot friends ask questions about flying, they will be focused on a happy outcome. High drama is what makes the headlines. And thankfully, the skill and heroism of pilots Chesley Sullenberger and Jeffrey Skiles virtually completely displaced the headlines previously afforded another pilot-the much less newsworthy fugitive from justice, Marcus Schrenker. For more insight into the heroism of the crew, click here to read our editor's blog entry.