We Have a Winner

The Flying AV8OR Online Giveaway has a lucky winner. Douglas Hoff, 57, of Vacaville, California, is the proud owner of a new Bendix/King by Honeywell AV8OR portable GPS. Hoff is not yet a pilot, but has plans to begin flying lessons and earn his certificate. The AV8OR is described as much more than a GPS, closer to a handheld multifunction display (MFD). Besides aerial navigation, the AV8OR excels at street and marine guidance, and serves as a portable entertainment center for music, photos and movies. It can also interface with a Bluetooth cell phone. The AV8OR retails for $799.95. The grand prize for the current Online Giveaway Sweepstakes is a SOLIDFX FX8 Jeppesen Chart Reader valued at $1,195.