Wanna Quarter Share of a Cub? Got $2,900?

LetsFly, which bills itself as "the largest aircraft cooperative in the country," is offering quarter shares in the Legend Cub, an updated version of the classic Piper J-3, from American Legend Aircraft. Down payment on the quarter share is $2,900, which is the same as for a Cirrus or Mooney from LetsFly. Monthly payments for the Cub will range from $350 to $430 (depending on financing costs) and the hourly cost through LetsFly should be about $28, according to the company. The Cirrus and Mooney are $710/month, $90/hour and $1,500/month, $185/hour respectively. Purchase price of a complete Legend Cub is approximately $110,000. For more information, go to letsfly.org.