Video: What It’s Like to Fly with the Black Diamond Jet Team

A GoPro camera captures a cockpit view of the team’s awe-inspiring stunts.

Black Diamond Jet Team
Black Diamond Jet Team

You can't beat a front-row bleachers view of a stellar aerobatic performance from a group like the Black Diamond Jet Team, unless of course you're actually in the cockpit. The majority of us may never get that chance, but this video is perhaps the next best thing.

With footage shot from a GoPro Hero 2 camera, the video gives viewers a first-hand look at what it’s like to fly with the Black Diamond Jet Team, which is one of just a handful of non-military jet teams in the country. The team, which previously operated five L-39s and one MiG-17, recently added a 2nd MiG-17 to its roster late last year.

Around the same time, the team also transferred its home base from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Sun ‘n Fun country in Lakeland, Florida, a move more than welcomed by aviation enthusiasts in Polk County. The team will join the ranks of other great performers next month for the area’s big show.