Unison Revises Slick Magneto Service Bulletin; Kits Available

Unison Industries has revised service bulletins on its Slick magnetos and is currently shipping kits to enable compliance with the revised SBs. Service bulletins SB2-08A and SB3-08A are revisions of earlier bulletins. For affected Slick- and LASAR-brand magnetos (serial numbers from 0610XXXX to 0804XXXX), installing the kits will constitute a terminating action for the SBs. Others that might be affected are magnetos that have had their cam (or the cam as part of the contact point assembly kit) replaced with products shipped between October 1, 2006, and May 11, 2008. Unison is recommending replacing the entire contact point assembly and distributor block and gear assemblies. Service Bulletin SB3-08A affects magnetos with serial numbers from 0409XXXX to 08080453, and/or magnetos that have had the carbon brush or distributor block replaced with products shipped between September 1, 2004, and August 14, 2008. For a limited time, the company is making the kits available at reduced prices. Any Slick or LASAR magnetos manufactured after August 15, 2008, are not affected by the SBs. For more information, go to unisonindustries.com.