Tiger is Back

A decade later, can this fan-favorite compete with the new generation of singles?


||| |---|---| | | | After nearly a decade's hiatus, the Tiger has returned to production. On December 3rd Tiger Aircraft hosted a roll-out ceremony at its Martinsburg, West Virginia, factory to announce that it had obtained an FAA type certificate for the sprightly single. For good measure, the company also rolled out the first three production aircraft and delivered them to a trio of dealers. Present at the event were dignitaries from West Virginia, including Governor Bob Wise and United States Senator John D. Rockefeller IV. Joining them was a delegation from Taiwan-Taiwanese investors own 70 percent of the company.

The Tiger four-seater dates back to the 1970s, when it was produced by Grumman American Aviation. The Tiger went out of production in 1979. In the early 1990s a new company, American General, produced approximately 160 of the aircraft before production ended again in 1993. The latest iteration has few but significant changes from the American General models. These include an impressive IFR panel, featuring dual Garmin 430s and an S-Tec autopilot, plus leather interior and corrosion proofing throughout. Cost of the standard, instrument-equipped Tiger is $219,500.

The company is also offering a customer care package that includes spinner-to-tail coverage on the aircraft for the first year, as well as airframe coverage for the next two years. Also included in the package is private pilot (or instrument) training for the buyer. Tiger plans to produce 92 of the airplanes this year.